Join the Meta mailing list!
(a GNU Mailman mailinglist, administrated by DirkVanOosterbosch)

The Meta mailinglists is the discussion-list for active members, used for everything from help on electronic projects to Dirkies wardrobe.

(The announce-list, used for announcements of workshops, is no longer maintained)

How to subscribe?

  1. Goto the discussion-list page.
    or via email:
  2. send a mail to
    for the discussion-list
  3. You receive an invitation email, which you'll have to confirm.
  4. When you receive a welcome message, you're done. Subscribed.

When replying messages on the list, please respect the threads. And unless you're answering to specific points of the original poster one by one, please stick to top-posting, so we can glance through our emails nicely, without too much scrolling.

You can upload images too, if they're relevant. Note though that all the archive data is stored on our server's hard disks. So keep it nice and small. At least under 750kB per email.

This is an open mailing lists. So anybody can subscribe! Most subjects though will and have to be about the meetings, organization of them and questions about electronics matter. Please dont use this list to profile your work or run commercials on it. thanks.