On April 11th 2006 Edo Paulus, Niels Wolf, Heerko v/d Kooij, Julia Mueller, Selby Gildemacher, Manuel Dahm, Dirk van Oosterbosch, Bertus Rosier, Arjen Keesmaat and Marc Boon met in Edo's studio to found a group, that is now known under the name META.

Read about the beginning on the mailinglist of anatomic.waag and code31.lahaag:

/Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:52:50 +0100/

hey everybody.

we are looking for some one who is experienced/professional in electronics and would like to share his knowledge with artists, programmers, jerks etc. i know already 4 people without asking around who would participate such a class, if they could afford it.

how: the idea is to have it once a week or every two weeks either on an evening or an afternoon in the weekend for two or three hours. starting with introduction into the basics and more free jaming around as time goes by and the participants learned to walk by them self. new-commers could be taught by more experienced participants. doesnt need to be all perfect organized in advance as long as the participants learn something. also we could play at a later state with pug'n'play modules like from phidgets. what ever. the teacher could publish through email or website the needed parts for the coming up lesson or make collects to buy them "en grant" etc.

money: of course the teacher doesnt need to do it for free, though he wouldnt probably become rich by doing this neither. all people i know so far are rather poor artists then cashy multi-internationals. and so far there is no grand support behind this, but is it a more private approach of single individuals. we could make everybody pay per session and sessions get canceled if not enough participants show up or pay by month and not showing up is their problem or pay the next class in advance and not showing is still their problem. many scenarios are possible.

where: this all can take place at private places. we have a tiny studio or private living rooms. may be some bigger place comes a long. it should take place in amsterdam. and for the teachers sake, may be (s)he would prefer to come from amsterdam too.

please contact me, if you are interested or know somebody who might be interested. would be awesome to get this from the ground.

this is a serious approach!

we are also open for ideas to put into another frame. the only thing we need is to overcome our shortcomings and gain speed in the field of electronics.


kzm & hurk