Below a list of topics that are of interest. They might serve for example as workshop topic.
Please put your name after the topic when the topics relates to you too.

  • Main voltage switching and dimming (bart, dirk, simon)
  • Filters (niels, edo)
  • Controlling motors from a microchip (bart, niels, heerko, eric, joost, dirk, mannie, simon)
  • Sensor-to-microchip interfacing (bart, niels, heerko, eric, joost, mannie, simon)
  • Robots/Swarms (niels, nadya, edo, heerko, eric, dirk)
  • Organic tissue interfacing/ modelling neuron-muscle firing (nadya, travis, kai, joost)
  • How to improve circuits as to use the minimal amount of battery (nadya, marc, edo, heerko, niels, joost, simon)
  • IC and SPI interfacing (travis, dirk, simon)
  • Multiple RS232 serial connections from one microcontroller (dirk, marc)
  • Basic C for microcontrollers (niels, dirk, eric)
  • Interactive book: sensors inside paper+ink (kai, simon)
  • Theory on Coils: coils vs caps vs resistors (dirk, niels)
  • lcd-text (or even lcd-pixel) display-to-microchip interfacing (dirk)
  • rfid (marc, simon)
  • hardware vs software approach in making thingies (marc)
  • circuit bending (simon)
  • Max/msp, Basics and possibilities(mannie)